View or filter products in my portal

This article will guide you through the steps on how to use the grid to filter on products in the My Products tab


1. View my products

2. Using the Grid tools

3. Filtering on product changes


View my products

To access your products, navigate to the My Products Tab on the left menu. From this screen you will have access to all your products loaded to your portal as well as products shared with you by your suppliers.

Using the Grid tools

You can use the Grid Tools to filter, sort and select products that you would like to view or export.

Your grid can also be customized based on the attributes that you would like to see on your screen. To add a new custom view, simply click on the 'Choose Grid View' dropdown menu at the top right and select 'Add New'.

Choose the attributes that you would like to see on this custom view and save it for later use.

Your grid also has a quick access menu* on the right side where you will find all the attributes for your products. Simply click on the 'Columns' button and choose the attributes that you want to remove or add to your current view. 

❗ Just remember, this is a temporary view and the grid will not save the attributes when you exit the products tab or click on a product.

Filtering on product changes

If you want to view products with updates, you can use the 'Last Update' column to filter on the selected date range. Simply click on the filter button on the 'Last Update' column header to customize the date range that you would like to see product changes for. The grid will filter down to a list of products within your selected date range:

💡 Remember to customize your grid to sort on the columns that you view frequently when logging into your portal.