Retail Portal Release Notes

Latest product features and fixes for the Retailer Portal

Retail Portal version 1.39.51 (30 Sep 2021)

  • Implemented Transformation UI on portal 🎉
  • Implement updated to support Chinese and other advanced Unicode characters

Retail Portal version 1.39.51 (30 Aug 2021)

  • Applied fixes to the image export to include ALL the supplier provided images
  • Applied fixes to user roles 
  • Applied fixes to the price import system on Retail Portal for 'Import Supplier Price File' on the dashboard

Retail Portal version 1.39.53 (29 Jun 2021)

  • Improvements to the export speed
  • Applied fixes to export

Retail Portal version 1.39.51 (31 May 2021)

  • Improved caching on the Products Tab to load products faster 🚀
  • Added the latest upgraded Slib* version 2 to the retail portal

    *Slib Stands for Shared Library. This has been added for all portals to make it easier for testing and debugging and reduces chances of errors*

  • Added the new support chat to the Retail Portal
  • Added 'Save as CSV' button to the products grid in the Products Tab

Retail Portal version 1.39.40 (12 February 2021)

  • New standard exports added to the Product Page exporter:
    Vesta Standard Fields: Exports all standard fields including supplier attributes, excluding Custom Attributes
    Vesta Retail Export: Exports retailer's fields, including any Custom Attributes

Retail Portal version 1.39.36 (28 October 2020)

  • Improvements on Catalogue page
  • Improvements for saving image URLs
  • Improvements to the Transformation UI refresh and error report
  • Fix bug on product card to allow for image upload or deletion

Retail Portal version 1.39.27 (14 August 2020)

  • Improvements on the importer for Custom Attributes 
  • Fixed bug that causes an error on 1 click catalogue
  • Fixed bug to allow only selected products to be exported on product grid
  • Added RRP attribute to exporter

Retail Portal version 1.39.5 (29 April 2020)

  • Updated Marketplace UI
  • Updated rules for Custom Attributes
  • Improved product grid to allow saved filter when going in and out of product cards
  • Removed Master Category requirement for products in Retail Portal Uploads
  • Fixed importer to check product limits as per portal plan
  • Removed requirements for Supplier Codes uniqueness 
  • Improvements to product card UI

Retail Portal version 1.39.5 (10 Mar 2020)

  • New Product Grid implemented!
  • Fixed minor bugs in importer and exporter
  • Improvement to portal UI to allow store name to display one a user logs in

Retail Portal version 1.38.17 (19 Feb 2020)

  • Additional columns added to allow multiple package levels per product
  • Improved attribute mapper to allow custom attributes from any product field
  • Added product validation results to API 2.1
  • Fixed bug in importer that returned a fatal error when uploading a spreadsheet with errors in product data
  • Improvements made to marketplace API 2.1

Retail Portal version 1.38.10 (07 Jan 2020)

  • Improvements to Transformation Engine log output for JSON format
  • Full NEW side menu
  • Minor updates to Marketplace and added call log
  • Added Transformation Engine Cookie
  • Updates to API 2.1
  • Added retailer dimensions to the exporter
  • Added supplier GTIN to the exporter
  • Fixed error where UI page loads twice
  • Fixed CA display

Retail Portal version 1.37.31 (03 Nov 2019)

  • Improved Image Retrieval via URL
  • Update Custom Attribute requirements
  • Updates to API 2.1
  • Fixed importer to allow non-decimal dimensions
  • Minor importer and exporter fixes

Retail Portal version 1.37.19 (30 Sep 2019)

  • Slib = Stands for Shared Library. This has been added for all portals to make it easier for testing and debugging and reduces chances of errors
  • Improvements on API 2.1 integrations and mailing
  • Privacy improvements for Logrocket data recording
  • Allow date recording when user accepts the Vesta Terms and Conditions
  • Bug fixes in marketplace and integrations
  • Increase Product Name field limit to 250 characters
  • Updated Vestabot in UI

Retail Portal version 1.37.5 (16 Aug 2019)

  • Slib Composer released (Our developers are SUPER excited about this!)
  • Export performance improved
  • Updated UI for user list and roles page
  • API 2.1 improvements

Retail Portal version 1.36.11 (30 July 2019)

  • Improvements to Image Importer

Retail Portal version 1.36.9 (25 July 2019)

  • Fixed performance issues when updating products
  • Added the new Integration UI
  • Price file improvements to show %

Retail Portal version 1.36.5 (15 July 2019)

  • Improvements to user page to allow updates to users and role assignments when inviting new users
  • Updated Price Files to have price movement % to be accurate to 1 decimal
  • Updates to Image Importer to show an error message when files are not imported

Retail Portal version 1.36.4 (12 July 2019)

  • Added RRP and Stock QTY to product endpoints
  • Removed capital and small letter restrictions when importing image files
  • Allow duplicate GTIN's

Retail Portal version 1.36 (09 July 2019)

  • UI updates to the User Account Page

Retail Portal version 1.35.13 (21 June 2019)

  • API v2.1 Speed improvements
  • Price and product field improvements to API v.2.1


Retail Portal version 1.35 (31 May 2019)

  • Added the brand new logo to the Retail Portal!
    Vesta eCommerce logo-1     


Retail Portal version 1.34.40 (29 May 2019)

  • Updated the date format to ISO8601, UTC
  • Updates to product importer
  • Fixes to price API v2.1

Retail Portal version 1.34.33 (14 May 2019)

  • Improvements to Catalogue page to exclude deleted products when mapping
  • UI Improvements on the price grid page
  • Implemented a fix on price export
  • Allow currency update for new store
  • Improvements to the Retailer and Supplier sync
  • Updated T&C's
  • Disable help video auto popup
  • Updates to API v.2.1 product and pricing
  • Updates on the Marketplace app

Retail Portal version 1.34.19 (23 April 2019)

  • Added price and product fields to API v.2.1
  • Updates and bug fixes for API users and products
  • Updated T&C's
  • Implemented new Marketplace app

Retail Portal version 1.33 (19 March 2019)

  • Added ability to bulk upload supplier rep details
  • Updated to new API v2.1

Retail Portal version 1.30.16 (26 February 2019)

  • UI Improvement
  • Ability to reorder your custom views in My Products screen
  • Fix filters in Custom views screen
  • Improve dashboard filters
  • Fix for Image thumbnail to update properly

Retail Portal version 1.29 (7 December 2018)

  • Added caching to improve pricing interface

Retail Portal version 1.28 (15 October 2018)

  • Added % bar to show the progress of product requests

Retail Portal version 1.26 (25 September 2018)

  • Updated UI of smart catalogue page on retailer portal

Retail Portal version 1.23 (7 September 2018)

  • Added feature for a retailer to request specific attributes from their suppliers
  • Added live chat to retail portal

Retail Portal version 1.21 (27 August 2018)

  • Added currency field in profile page to allow upload of price files on behalf of suppliers
  • Price Notifications - Suppliers receive notifications when a retailer accepts/rejects prices
  • Ability to add new users to the Retail Portal

V1.19.8 (02 August 2018)

  • Live Chat is now available for Retail Portal users!

V1.11 (6 June 2018)

  • Added the ability to export product custom fields
  • The exporter will not include products flagged as deleted
  • Supplier product and price file import function added to the retail portal
  • Improvements on Importer

V1.7 (16 May 2018)

  • Updated Dimension description: Thickness to Height
  • Updated Menu Bar Styling
  • You can export by Supplier on the Main Dashboard
  • Fixed Browser UI bugs

V1.6 (3 May 2018)

  • New look and feel!
  • Discontinued Products don't show on Smart Catalogue
  • Added custom fields, dimensions & package levels to product card + import
  • Fixed Image thumbnail generation bug
  • Display proper thumbnails for images
  • After filtering the dashboard grid and then hitting the Send Request button it refreshes the page clearing the filter
  • Added display of validation results
  • A user doesn't get images when downloading from catalogues
  • Improved Requests loading time for products
  • Fixed issue with pricing count

V1.5.3 (23 March 2018)

  • Track and Trace email requests sent to Suppliers on dashboard grid
  • Ability to Edit and Rename Supplier names
  • You can delete a supplier (deletes all products for that supplier)
  • Added search and filter function on dashboard grid

V1.2 (16 November 2017)

  • New grid in My Products and My Requests

V1.137.6 (18 October 2017)

  • Promo welcome screen optimization

V1.137 (9 October 2017)

  • Update to Auto-Decline message to improve readability on mobile devices
  • Stabilization fix for product exports
  • Bulk Image importer added
  • New import check to prevent duplication of suppliers under certain circumstances

V1.136.2 (5 September 2017)

  • API fix

V1.136.1 (21 August 2017)

  • Security fix
  • Fix welcome screen

V1.136 (25 July 2017)

  • Full Unicode charset support
  • Fixed error while opening a promotion
  • Security issues fixed

V1.135 (15 July 2017)

  • Migration to new servers
  • New system architecture