Managing existing and new user permissions

Learn how to set up different permissions for users in the Retail Portal

You can manage users from the Users tab on the left menu:


Follow the following steps to set up different types of permissions for users based on the access they should have:

1. Go to Users > User Roles > Click on + Add Role in the blue ribbon at the top

2. Give the user role a new name at the top:

3. Now choose the pages you want to add to this user role by selecting them using the tick boxes:

5. Expand on the pages, by clicking on the dropdown arrow on the right to set further permissions within each page:

5. You can choose if the user role should have edit or view-only access via this toggle on the right:

6. Finally, hit the save button to ensure your new role is added to the Retail Portal:

7. Now add existing users to the User Role by going to Users > Manage Users > Edit:

8. Assign the user role by clicking on the dropdown arrow and hitting save:

9. You can also add new users via this tab by clicking on the + Add User button:


10. Assign them to the saved user roles and hit the save button. This will send a welcome email to their inbox to set up their password: