My retailers are requesting hundreds of products – is there a simpler way to bulk
upload product data?

— Yes. Vesta offers several bulk upload solutions outside of PIM & DAM integration. If you require
bulk upload solutions, please contact your Vesta representative


Can i download a spreadsheet of the products requested by my customers?

 — You can export customer product requests to an excel spreadsheet to easily fill in data to re-upload. See Customer Requests - Product Grid article for more details.


Can I integrate my website with Vesta?

— Yes. You can integrate your website with Vesta so that you only have to maintain product
data in 1 place – contact us for more information on integrations options.


What if I deny permission to a previously approved retailer?

— Denying permission to a previously approved retailer will immediately remove access to your
product information and depending on the integration level may also instantly remove your product from their website.


A product data field I need is not available through the Product Manager – what
should I do?

— Vesta offers a range of additional fields, including custom fields to our enterprise grade
customers. For more information on access to this functionality please contact your Vesta


Do my retailers require Vesta software in order to access my data?

— No. Vesta is system independent and as such can be integrated with any POS, ERP, App,
eCommerce Platform or Website CMS which has integration capabilities. Vesta eCommerce Ltd
does not provide any of these services but does have a strong partner network of businesses who
do if the need arises, therefore there is no requirement to run Vesta specific software to access the
power of our Product Data Distribution Platform.

Retailers are provided with access to our Retail Portal, a dashboard system similar to the Supplier
Portal which helps them keep track of what data has been supplied from each of their suppliers.


I have more retailers I would like to give access to, can I invite retailers to my
Supplier Portal?

— Yes. You can invite as many retailers to access your data as your plan allows


Is there a fee involved with using Vesta? When does my free trial expire?

— Vesta operates under a Pay on Performance model, as such there are no limited trial
periods or complicated fee structures. Your account is provided with an open ended Free status
until you reach the plan limits in place. Exceeding these limits will require you to upgrade to our
Premium plans which incur a small recurring monthly fee. For more information, log in to your
account and select My Account > Usage & Plan to view current resource allocations and pricing tiers.