Data Population Tools

After granting permission to use your data, you are provided with 3 tools to help populate your
master data:

Product Manager

The Product Manager tool provides a simple user interface for creating new products and mapping
to existing products. See Product Manager Explained for more detail.

Website Data via VestaBot

Many suppliers already provide full, regularly updated product profiles via either an external facing
website, or hidden private customer portals. Rather than attempting to maintain 2 sets of data,
Vesta has created a simple tool which can synchronise with your website and pull data directly into
your Supplier Portal – simply fill in the url where product data can be found and your website will
be added into the queue of regularly crawled data sources.

VestaBot will first perform an audit of your site to confirm that product data is detectable and of a
consistent format, as well as checking that the data is of a high enough standard to be successfully
crawled. You will be notified if there are any issues or alternatively as soon as the data is published
to your portal.

PIM Integration

Vesta has been built to enhance existing systems, not replace them. Your business may
already use an existing Product Information Management (PIM) tool or Digital Asset Management
(DAM) system or a combination of both, for our enterprise grade customers these systems can
be integrated directly into Vesta to ensure that you can continue to maintain data in a
format your organisation is already comfortable with, but continue to leverage the Vesta
distribution platform.

*Please note integration fees may apply depending on plan level

*Please note integration fees may apply depending on plan level