Customer Requests - Product Grid

With the help of the Cool Grid Tools, you can quickly filter through your Customer Requests to maintain them. You can decline products and select only the products you want to view by using the below filter options.


To reject product requests, see Unmap and Decline article for more details.


1. Update Product status to Decline or Un-decline

2. With the Export Filtered Data Button you can download the product requests to an Excel spreadsheet. (See below for more information)

3. Filter by Unmapped or Declined Products and use the Clear All Filters Button to go back to view All Product Requests.

4. Select products with these buttons or select All products with the top select button or Search Customer Name.

5. Search to Filter by a specific product or filter by Image Supplied/No Image and Description/No Description.


You can export customer product requests to an excel spreadsheet to easily fill in data to re-upload. To activate this button, simply search or select a Customer from the Customer column. You can export All product requests by the customer or choose to only export unmapped products, missing images, and descriptions, etc.

A pop-up message will tell you that an export will be emailed to you. Go to your inbox and click on the link to download and view your excel file.