Broken Images or Images Not Uploading

Common Errors and Fixes

When using the bulk import method, Vesta links the image via the Image File Name field of your spreadsheet. The most common errors are related to the file name provided not matching the actual image which was uploaded.


Common Errors and Fixes


Broken Image - Filename Mismatch: The image file name uploaded via spreadsheet must match identically to the associated image uploaded via the bulk image importer. Image file names are Case Sensitive this includes the file extension


Missing Image - No/incorrect File Extension: When uploading image file names via the bulk importer please ensure you include the correct file extension. Accepted extensions include .jpg .png and .gif


How does the Image File Name column work?

Here you enter the actual image file name and extension. For example, your file is saved as:

You will fill in the following in your sheet:

Once you upload your excel file, you can bulk upload your images and the system will sync the images with the product lines on the spreadsheet based on the image file name column.